Giovanni Paris Composer


I started to feel music as my way at the age of 7,but I was still scared by my old piano teacher.I studied with her for 9 years and then I felt attracted to popular music and popular music instruments like guitar. So I left piano, still loving Chopin, Bach and Debussy.I then studied classic guitar in a folk way with Sylvie Genovese, exploring South American, Cuban and French folk music and popular songs as well as the beauty of picking a truly hand crafted guitar with fingers.
I’ve been fascinating by ethnomusicology and then by electronic music, while taking my degree in Music at the Rome « Tor Vergata University », studying Semiothic with Gino Stefani ,ethnomusicology with Giorgio Adamo and electronic music with Giorgio Nottoli. All this led me to graduate with a thesis about the vocal and rithmical aspect of a Nepalese Shamanic Ritual, recorded during a field-research with a hi-quality recorder.

In the meanwhile I was playing keyboards with a jazz-core band in Rome, Adale, awarded by the bjcem in 2008 ( composing and arranging my work helped by music technology, sequencers, sound banks and synthethizers.
I moved to Paris in 2009 looking for a musical master, and I found composer Laurent Sauvagnac who helps me to know the real word of composing for moving pictures,producing high quality music orchestrations/midi arrangements in very fast deadlines. I learnt to be a « cross-genre » composer used to score for a symphonic orchestra as well as realizea « hooky » pop song , or a soft and modern soundscape